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When walking in a park or forest, along the beach or mountain path, do you feel the proximity of the Divine around you? Can you sense the heavens and earth giving you glimpses of spiritual realities? In her trilogy entitled Divine Reflections, Eva Peck explores how everyday phenomena, such as the times of a day, month and year, life progression and habits of plants and animals, as well as other natural phenomena mirror spiritual realities revealed in the Bible. She is encouraging readers to take a deeper look at life’s mysteries surrounding us and to then ponder the insights they receive.

Divine Reflections Trilogy

You can buy any or all of the Divine Reflections trilogy volumes, as well Eva’s other Christian spirituality books, including a comprehensive book of Bible teachings entitled Pathway to Life Through the Holy Scriptures at


About the Author

 Author Eva Peck

Eva Peck writes from a Christian and international background. Through her work in Australia, USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, she has experienced a range of cultures and interacted with believers from a variety of faith traditions. As she feels that different faith perspectives can enrich one's own spiritual path, she values a nondenominational approach in her spiritual writings.

Eva has also been a nature lover since childhood, studied biological sciences and is drawing on her scientific knowledge and interest in her books. She has an undergraduate degree in science and postgraduate diploma in education, as well as a Masters degree in theology. Eva is happily married and lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Readers may like to visit her website, for an overview of her and her husband's works, including the publishing of books featuring her 92-year-old father's art, photography and poetry (in Czech).



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