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  • The purpose of this website is to promote what is true, beautiful, noble, uplifting, inspiring and helpful -- whatever its source may be. It is to be a spiritual oasis providing rest, inspiration, edification, and refreshment to weary travellers through life.
  • The webmaster is a Christian with an international background and interdenominational/interfaith perspective. Her vision and desire is to share helpful and uplifting information and insights that she has gathered during her life journey.
  • This page discusses the nature of truth as well as featuring sayings about truth from the Bible as well as other sources.
  • Listing of articles relating to the subject of God.
  • Listing of articles related to the theme of humanity.
  • Gives some common sense principles and tips for well-being and a fulfilling life.
  • Deals with twelve universal laws of life based on Dan Millman's book, The Laws of Spirit – A Tale of Transformation.
  • A brief summary of 40 spiritual principles based on the book of Iyanla Vanzant, "One Day My Soul Just Opened Up."
  • Laws formulated by Deepak Chopra to help people become successful.
  • Words of wisdom from the Persian mystic Rumi.
  • Short reflections on aspects of spiritual life such as God's quiet voice within, gratefulness for all things, learning from the underprivilleged, and the importance of companionship.
  • Illustrates the need to fill one's life with the right priorities.
  • Short reflections on the spiritual disciplines of commitment, clear goal, prayer, and spiritual reading.
  • Short reflections on compassion and the aspects and rewards of a compassionate life.
  • Reflection, based on the ancient but wise "Rule" of Benedict, on the importance and benefits of listening.
  • Short reflections on aspects of joy and how to experience it.
  • An inspirational story about appreciating what life has to offer and the choices we make in determining our own attitude.
  • Short reflections on aspects of suffering and how to deal with it.
  • Short reflections on aspects of living in the present.
  • Points from various authors showing the importance of the present moment.
  • Reflection, based on the ancient but wise "Rule" of Benedict, on the importance and benefits of mindfulness.
  • An inspirational story about the daily choices we make in determining our own attitude.
  • Dealing with inevitable changes in life by changing one's perspective and drawing on the wisdom of the soul in addition to the tools of the mind.
  • Quotes from various authors on the importance of acceptance of oneself and circumstances in one's life.
  • Short meditations on aspects of prayer, such as persistence, focusing on God's kingdom, and the importance of a spiritual milieu.
  • Addresses aspects of prayer such as its purpose and benefits, universality, communality, and the importance of reflectiveness and regularity.
  • The serenity prayer, its background, and where it is referred to, as well as what things we can and cannot control.
  • The prayer that Jesus Christ personally taught his disciples.
  • A special prayer for God to be magnified.
  • An ancient prayer, as well as other wisdom sayings, with present-day relevance.
  • Pax, a well-known poem by D.H. Lawrence
  • A Christmas reflection with year-round application.
  • Principles for living with others to personally grow and to help others grow.
  • Profound insights of young children about love.
  • Inspiration and tips received from the biography of Oswald Chambers by David McCasland.
  • A poem containing much wisdom for life.
  • Presents books and other references relevant to the Truth section.
  • Reviews of selected materials that may be of interest to the website visitors.
  • Describes the nature of beauty as a prelude to beautiful photos from nature and art.
  • This section contains several galleries featuring animals of various kinds in different settings.
  • Spring time pictures of flowers and young animals.
  • Books, music and other websites relevant to the Beauty section.
  • Downloadable PDF picture files on various themes for inspiration, edification and sharing with others.
  • Add your comments here and read what others have said.
  • This page includes contact details and privacy policy of the site, as well as a guestbook.


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