Truth and Beauty

 Metaphysical View of the World and Life   

Streaming light

In the metaphysical approach, everything is seen as energy – and all energy is seen as interconnected. Science, in the form of quantum physics, now upholds this viewpoint. 


From this perspective, everything that we call physical or real is energy. All energy is seen as the product of creative mind, intelligence, or consciousness. Creative consciousness is described as God and/or Goddess, the Source, All-That-Is, or even the Universe. And, since everything is connected, this means that each of us – every individual – is also a part of that consciousness. This involves the understanding of Panentheism. 


This viewpoint is very empowering, but also very challenging, because it sees each of us as co-creators with the Source – actively creating our own reality by using our consciousness, or thoughts and intentions, to attract events, situations, and people into our lives. 


The metaphysical view is that everything that happens to us, everything we experience, has meaning and purpose, because of the mind and intelligence that is involved – so there is no such thing as luck (good or bad), or coincidence. We are, therefore, not helpless victims of random events, but powerful creators of our lives, using the circumstances we create to help us to develop and grow as people – and as souls. 


The world we collectively create – our existence on this planet Earth – reflects the mass consciousness, the overriding beliefs, concepts, attitudes, fears, and desires of the majority of people. 


The world we individually create – what we think, say, do, experience, who we meet and relate to, where we live, and so on – reflects our personal beliefs, concepts, attitudes, fears, and desires. We are spirit beings – because ultimately we are energy materialized into a human body – having a human experience rather than physical beings having a spiritual experience. 


This is where self-healing fits in. Self-healing can help us to recreate ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It puts the power back into our own hands (this is literally true when you are referring to Reiki). 




Adapted from Penelope Quest, Self-Healing with Reiki: How to Create Wholeness, Harmony & Balance for Body, Mind & Spirit (London: Piatkus, 2003), 50-51.


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