Truth and Beauty

Living in the Now


Butterfly on flower

     1.     There is only one courage and that is the courage to go on dying to the past, not to collect it, not to accumulate it, not to cling to it. We all cling to the past, and because we cling to the past we become unavailable to the present. (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Walking in Zen, Sitting in Zen)  


     2.     Confine yourself to the present. (Marcus Aurelius) 

     3.     Learn your lessons quickly, and move on. (Eileen Caddy, The Dawn of Change


     4.     Why destroy your present happiness by a distant misery which may never come at all? (Sydney Smith) 


     5.     The only way to deal with the future is to function efficiently in the Now. (Gita Bellin) 


     6.     Be like a very small joyous child living gloriously in the ever present Now without a single worry or concern about even the next moment of time. (Eileen Caddy, The Dawn of Change


     7.     Be not the slave of your past – plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep, and swim far, so you shall come back with self-respect, with new power, with an advanced experience, that shall explain and overlook the old. (Ralph Waldo Emerson) 


     8.     Stop sitting there with your hands folded looking on, doing nothing; get into action and live this full and glorious life. Now. You have to do it. (Eileen Caddy, The Dawn of Change



Susan Hayward,
 A Guide for the Advanced Soul (Avalon, NSW, Australia: Hayward Books, 1984).





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