Truth and Beauty

About the Universe

This section features the following articles: 

    Gives some interesting facts about the earth and the universe.
      Parallels the scientific understanding of life's origins with what the Bible reveals.
        This article shows how special and unique our planet is in having given rise to and supporting life.
          Discusses the idea that life and a mind (wisdom) are woven into all that exists.
            Shows how all that exists is interconnected and permeated with Divine presence and life force.
              Shows how everything consists of energy and is interconnected and a part of a divine creative consciousness.
                Design and order in the universe give evidence of a Creator, Designer, Life-giver and Sustainer.
                  Beauty and harmony in nature reflects a Creator. Divine nature is reflected in what exists.

                    Sun and moon from the north pole

                     Sun and moon
                     from the North Pole
                    (Unknown photographer)

                    Spring blossoms

                    The glory of spring blossoms
                    (Photo: M. Langrova)

                    Maned duck chicks

                    Magpie goslings - the wonder of new life