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Book About Basic Bible Teachings

My husband and I are pleased to announce the publishing of our book Pathway to Life Through the Holy Scriptures available for preview or purchase through the link below -- click on the book image. 

Pathway to Life presents in a concise and systematic way the basic Bible teachings. It strives to offer a balanced, nondenominational approach toward understanding the Scriptures. Where a biblical concept can be interpreted in more than one way, this is acknowledged by presenting alternative views. Conclusions are backed up by scripture references. It is also recognized that many concepts cannot be humanly fully comprehended and of necessity must remain a mystery. While the range of topics is comprehensive, the size and scope of the book do not permit an exhaustive study on any one subject.

The book contains 36 chapters organized under 12 themes, and is illustrated with black and white photos. Our hope is that it will answer many of the questions that arise in the hearts and minds of those drawn to the reality of the Christian life and spirituality – the pathway to life, and that readers will be drawn deeper into the Holy Scriptures.

Pathway to Life - cover

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