Truth and Beauty

About Health & Happiness

This section contains the following articles, loosely arranged under several categories, for achieving health and happiness.


Gives some common sense principles and tips for well-being and a fulfilling life.

Deals with twelve universal laws of life based on Dan Millman's book, The Laws of Spirit – A Tale of Transformation.

A brief summary of 40 spiritual principles based on the book of Iyanla Vanzant, "One Day My Soul Just Opened Up."

Laws formulated by Deepak Chopra to help people become successful.

Words of wisdom from the Persian mystic Rumi.

Aspects of Spiritual Life 
Short meditations on aspects of spiritual life such as God's quiet voice within, gratefulness for all things, learning from the underprivilleged, and the importance of companionship.

Illustrates the need to fill one's life with the right priorities.

Short meditations on the spiritual disciplines of commitment, clear goal, prayer, and spiritual reading.

Short meditations on compassion and the aspects and rewards of a compassionate life.

Reflection, based on the ancient but wise "Rule" of Benedict, on the importance and benefits of listening.

Short meditations on aspects of joy and how to experience it.

Short meditations on aspects of suffering and how to deal with it.

The Present Moment

Living in the Present 
Short meditations on aspects of living in the present.

Points from various authors showing the importance of the present moment.

Reflection, based on the ancient but wise "Rule" of Benedict, on the importance and benefits of mindfulness.

Each Day is a Gift 
An inspirational story about appreciating what life has to offer and the choices we make in determining our own attitude.

An inspirational story about the daily choices we make in determining our own attitude.

Dealing with inevitable changes in life by changing one's perspective and drawing on the wisdom of the soul in addition to the tools of the mind.

Quotes from various authors on the importance of acceptance of oneself and circumstances in one's life.


Short meditations on aspects of prayer, such as persistence, focusing on God's kingdom, and the importance of a spiritual milieu.

Addresses aspects of prayer such as its purpose and benefits, universality, communality, and the importance of reflectiveness and regularity.

The serenity prayer, its background, and where it is referred to, as well as what things we can and cannot control.

The prayer that Jesus Christ personally taught his disciples.

A special prayer for God to be magnified.

An ancient prayer, as well as other wisdom sayings, with present-day relevance.

Getting on with Others

Pax -- the Peace of God's Presence 
Pax, a well-known poem by D.H. Lawrence

A Christmas reflection with year-round application.
    Principles for living with others to personally grow and to help others grow.
      Profound insights of young children about love.

      Inspiration from the Lives of a Godly Couple 
      Inspiration and tips received from the biography of Oswald Chambers by David McCasland.

        A poem containing much wisdom for life.


          Happily married


          Life can be fun!


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