Truth and Beauty

Truth and Perceptions

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This overview table tries to match concepts spanning various traditions concerning spiritual realities – which as long as we are human will largely remain a mystery. However, if our eyes have been opened by divine grace, we can catch glimpses of the awesome reality we call “God” and what it means to live a life “in spirit” and in harmony with the will of God. The terms used come both from the Bible (especially the writings of John) and from various spiritual writers whose understanding and lives witness to their having been touched and enlightened by the omnipresent Holy Spirit. I believe that by considering these concepts, we can all have our humanly limited understanding enriched by the views and perspectives of one another.

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Satan and Darkness

God and Light

The devil, deceiver of the world, accuser, destroyer, murderer, ruler of the kingdom of the air influencing the disobedient, prince of darkness, power of darkness, enemy, adversary, devourer, tempter, opposed to God and light, but pretending light and goodness, oppressor, the evil one, kingdom of darkness 

Creator, Life Force, Higher Power, Supreme Power, Higher Intelligence, Source and Sustainer of all, Lawgiver, Mysterious Presence around and within all, Spirit, Universal Consciousness, Ocean of Awareness, Love, Body of God, Body of Christ, Being, I Am (or "I Will Be"), Kingdom of Light 

Two Possible States of Humans 


Transformed by grace

Sins, in particular the “original sin” or the universal human tendency, have separated all of us from God, and the hope of salvation. 

God’s grace and forgiveness reconciles and reunites us with God and gives us hope for eternal life. 

In their natural state, people remain in darkness and are “dead in sins”. Their life is typified by hardness of heart, spiritual blindness, unconsciousness, unbelief, and lack of receptivity to the things of God.

Through a divine opening of eyes, a change of heart is possible and individuals are transferred by grace from darkness to light, from death to life, from unconsciousness to consciousness. They become a new creation through a “birth from above” and are now aware of God in all things. 

Deception, error, ignorance 

Growth in truth, understanding the things of God, divine wisdom from within (the heart) rather than from without (the world). 

Separation from God and others, individuality, separate body of sin, pain body 

Being in God / Christ – connected with the divine, unity with God and all life, being members of one body, the body of Christ. 

Divine life principle is present – without it, there would be no physical life, which however is only temporary and ending in "death" in contrast to immortality. Divine nature is dormant, needing to be supernaturally awakened. 

Divine life and nature are present and active – walking in the Spirit, walking in newness of life, putting on the new man, continuing in the teachings of Christ, being a new creation, temple of the Holy Spirit, child of God and brother/sister of Christ. Life is now abundant and contains the seed of immortality. 

The unconverted state is referred to as the ego, heart of stone, blindness to one’s divine identity and destiny, old self, false self, body of sin, sinful nature. 

The divine within is referred to as spark of God, Spirit from God, divine anointing, Higher Self, inner / inmost being, new heart, new self, God in you, Christ in you / in your heart, I (Christ) in you and you in Me, Christ coming in the flesh, Holy Spirit joining with the human spirit, Holy Spirit in the inner being, power working within us, God’s love poured out into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. 

Ego/self with its deceitful desires dominates the heart and one’s life manifests the "works of the flesh" – “low energy” or “low vibration” behaviour – hate, indifference, competition, strife, fighting, survival of the fittest, ingratitude, lust, greed, killing. Submission to God’s law is impossible as one is enslaved to sin. 

As God's Love and nature/Christ works in the heart /soul, and the Holy Spirit guides thoughts and actions, the self is being pushed out, put to death, replaced. Love and fruits of the Spirit manifest in life as “high energy” or “high vibration” behaviour – outgoing concern, giving, mutual help, cooperation, peace, harmony, gratitude. A lifestyle of love is evidence of the new birth and Spirit presence. 

The unenlightened prefer to remain in darkness and reject light and truth. 

Christ is, as well as brought, the way, truth, light and life, and gave it to those whose eyes he also opened to see it. 


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