Truth and Beauty
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Visitors' Comments

I looked at your new website and it is beautiful. I like especially the flowers. Poinciana is my favourite.
K. H., Capalaba, Australia

I am most impressed with your new website. It is parallel really to writing a book, isn't it! I have just had a fleeting glance at it as yet but hope to read it more carefully soon. Congratulations and may your generosity be blessed!
E. M., Sunshine Coast, Australia

I have had a look at your website and must say that it is just beautiful. It is obvious that you have put a lot of time and thought in creating it. I will look at all the subjects in it later on as I am shortly expecting company. Once again thank you so much for sending me your page.
L. H., Capalaba, Australia

I must finally express my enthusiasm over the beautiful nature photos. Thank you for enabling us to be so close to your through the computer of my daughter. We both greatly rejoiced at the beauty. Thanks!
R. S., Prague, Czech Republic

It is beautiful – many thanks.
J. V., Nova Bystrice, Czech Republic

We have checked your websites and like them.
V. H., Tennessee, USA

You have done a tremendous job on all three websites. I just read quickly all of them and must admit, they are very well done. They are well thought out and nothing has been done in a hurry. You have spent a lot of time and put much effort into creating the three websites. It is amazing.
K. H., Capalaba, Australia

Thank you for your website addresses – we liked the pictures very much.
J. H., Lomnice nad Luznici, Czech Republic

The websites are very nice – we periodically visit them.
V.D., Prague, Czech Republic

I have now seen your websites – they are beautiful. I love the pictures. Some of the stories made me cry. There are gentle words leading people to Jesus.
B. S., Victoria Point, Australia

This is a beautiful site. The colours are positive and uplifting -- and add immeasurably to the "feel" of the site. The photos you've selected fit nicely -- and the colours are excellently reproduced. A beautiful, inspired piece of website design. Simple and therefore appealing in itself. Not a cluttered site with too much advertising and lots of boxes, moving items, and so on. The simplicity of the site makes it attractive. The website is a beauty! I'm sure that whoever visits this site will leave edified -- and I would say inspired, if they even spent a little time here. Congratulations and thanks be to God.
A. P., Thornlands, Australia

I have had a chance to look at Eva's website and it’s really very nice.
L. A., Ryiadh, Saudi Arabia 


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