Truth and Beauty
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Visitors' Comments (cont.)

Eva, your website is lovely -- I like it very much. Just read St Francis of Assisi's prayer and the lyrics to Let There Be Peace on Earth again as well as Dan Millman's twelve spiritual principles on your website and feel uplifted."
K. C., Kuwait 

I would also like to take this (long overdue) opportunity to let you know that I the Truth and Beauty website is superb. Well done.
H. L., Sydney, Australia

You have done a great job. Keep going!
J. D., Cleveland, Australia

Thank you for this beautiful and inspirational site. 
Coral (location unknown)

I think you have a great site here. Today was my first time coming here. I just happened to find it doing a google search. Anyway, good post. I’ll be bookmarking this site for sure.
H. P., Venezuela

One does not often find on the internet respectable articles like yours. I want to look over some more of your works.
P. F., Poland

Last week I dropped by this site and as usual, great content and ideas. Love the layout and color scheme. Is it new? Well, I really really like it.
Erica, Sri Lanka

I had a look at Truth and Beauty and loved all the colours and pictures. The whole site is beautifully set out and very easy to navigate. I usually do pick a few holes when I review people's sites but I struggled to find fault. I thought it was lovely that you showed pictures of yourself and Alexander, I think that's really important for people to connect with you. Well done.
S. Z., Lake Como, Italy

Thank you for the link to your website.  I had a quick look and I can see that I need to take a lot more time.  How generous of you to put so much work into this website and share your gifts with others.
J. L., Brisbane, Australia 


I recently took a look at your website Eva. It was truly inspiring. Well done!
P. G., Cairo, Egypt

Great blog. If you are the type to update your blog regularly, then you have gained one daily reader in me today. Keep up the super work.
“Watch burlesque online” – name and location unknown

Free resources like the one you have here will be very useful to me! I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful.
Name unknown, Trinidad and Tobago 

It is very inspirational, thank you so much for giving me your websites. You are doing an excellent service.
M. M., Dhaka, Bangladesh 

I go to your website and see all the information you have put there. Thank you for all your work. When you have been in darkness and discover the truth, you really appreciate it.
F. F., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


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